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This is an archive of material properties collected here for the use of the ARIES Fusion Power Plant Studies Team. No warranty is implied or expressed regarding the validity of the data contained herein. Notification of errors, inconsistencies, or cases in which better data exist would be greatly appreciated. Send inquiries to

Collections of Material Properties


Phase Diagrams of the Elements (free on-line access for UC campuses)

efunda: Engineering Fundamentals

UCLA-maintained FusionNET materials database (only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Adobe SVG plug-in)

IFE material properties

"Thermal and Structural Properties of Fusion Related Materials"
by Panayiotis J Karditsas and Marc-Jean Baptiste,
UKAEA FUS 294, June 1995.

Class C waste limits, contact dose limits, and clearance limits for all elements.

Atomic Data

Photon interaction cross sections from 100 eV to 100 GeV

X-ray optical constants

Post-Jensen Cooling rates, average Z and Z^2 from 2 eV to 100 keV

Stopping power of ions

NIST reference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty

Ionization potentials (from on-line database on spectral properties of atoms and ions)

Individual Properties